I personally like Ghost.org and what they are doing. I think it's clean and a great system. The only thing I don't agree with is how much it costs. Thankfully, it's open-source. Here is how I set up a Ghost blog on IONOS.

How To

Here are the steps to installing Ghost on an IONOS VPS server:

Go to IONOS and log into your account.

Individual dashboard views may vary, so click on the Select Product dropdown in the upper left corner of the web page. From the dropdown menu click on, +Add Another Product, or if you do not have a VPS Click Here

You will need a VPS to continue with this tutorial. The page view after clicking on the +Add Another product may vary, so scroll down to the Server and Cloud section and click on, vServer (VPS).

You will be redirected to the product selection page. Click on See Packages.

Click on configure on the VPS S package.

Leave the default configuration and click on continue.

Follow the on-screen instruction to finish purchasing the VPS S package.

After purchasing wait for the server to be set up. You should receive an email message when the setup process is finished and ready for you to use.

After setup log back into your IONOS dashboard and select your new VPS product from the product selection menu.

Your Server dashboard will load. From here you will be able to manage your server. What we are check here is to ensure that your server OS is at Ubuntu 18.04. If it is not complete the following:

Click on your server (radio button).

Click on the Action menu and select reinstall image.

Select the Ubuntu 18.04 image and press reinstall image.

You will need to link your domain to your new server before continuing. Grab your server's IP address and go to your IONOs Domain Management dashboard. From the dashboard, you can access the DNS screen. Replace the WWW and @ A record entries with your servers IP address. Acknowledge that the old entries will be deleted to finish the setup.

Download Putty

Open Putty (as admin) and log into your new user using the root login (password is on your IONOs server dashboard).

After logging into the server create a new user:

adduser <username>

Add the user as a super admin.

usermod -aG sudo

Switch to the new user


Disable the ROOT access for security purposes.

Complete the Ghost.org tutorial for installing Ghost on a Ubuntu server.